Here is where you can find resources about how to use the artsPOST Web site.

How to Log In

1) Get your WordPress login and password to join the site at this link. Make sure your login name is a composite of your first and last name. Example: LaurenO, LaurenOrsini or LOrsini.

2) Wait for an e-mail confirmation from the administrator. Once you get that, you’re ready to log in.

3) Immediately change your password after logging in to something you remember. Do this by going to Users and then Your Profile on the side bar of the admin screen.

4) Once you’ve done all this, you’re ready to start posting!

How to Edit your Class Bio

1) Log in and click on Pages in the admin panel.

2) Click on the Class Bio page. Click Edit.

3) Add your bio into the content of the page.

4) Save and you’re done!

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