Class Bios

Ashley Kemper: I’m Ashley…a senior in SOC majoring in print journalism and minoring in graphic design. I just finished up an internship at National Geographic and would love to work there again after I graduate. I’m the editor of the Talon, AU’s yearbook, and spend lots of late nights in MGC working on the book. In what little free time I have, I enjoy going to see movies…Invictus and The Blind Side are my recent favorites.

Lauren Linhard: I’m a junior at American University majoring in print journalism and minoring in cinema studies. I have always been a movie lover, but have only recently really started pursuing further study in the area. In the future, I am looking to couple my love of writing and entertainment. When I graduate I am looking to enter the magazine industry, hopefully starting out in Chicago. I am always working to find and develop my own voice in the hopes of eventually creating my own magazine.

Elise Lundstrom: I am a senior at The American University in Washington D.C. I am a dual degree student meaning I will graduate in May with a Bachelors in Art History and a Bachelors in International Studies with an emphasis on Europe and Environmental Politics. I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and came to D.C. for the programs that AU had to offer. I studied abroad in Florence at the Studio Arts Centers International in the Spring of 2009 and saw more art than I thought was physically possible! Following my semester abroad I traveled for a month all over Europe and broadened my experience or European Art. My main interests are museum and gallery critiques but I am an art lover and am looking forward to experiencing more of the Art world D.c. has to offer!

Anna Sebourn: I’m a second-year graduate student in Arts Management. I have undergraduate degrees in Art History and Theatre. I trained as a dancer (ballet and modern) for about 15/16 years, and recently worked in development at a modern dance company here in DC. At my undergraduate institution, I worked in student activities (booking musical and comedy acts like Jimmy Eat World, Demetri Martin, Seth Meyers, etc.) and it was a blast! I love reading books, going to museums, seeing movies, and attending theatre and dance performances. My thesis involves an arts criticism magazine, so I’m excited to learn all I can from this class!

Jeremy Walsh: I’m in my final semester at AU, meaning I will soon be unemployed with a BA in Communication: Journalism (print track) and minors in Mathematics and Literature: Cinema Studies.
I currently intern as the Washington Correspondent for the Durango Herald, a newspaper based in SW Colorado. My other job is an on-campus position — RA in Letts Hall.
In terms of extracurricular activities, I’m a big sports guy. I enjoy playing a number of sports, including golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball and football (to name a few). I’m an avid fan of Bay Area sports teams (Raiders, A’s, and Warriors).
Other things to know about me: I’m from Northern California, I’m fairly inactive politically (which makes sense considering my field), I studied abroad at the University of Melbourne, I watch a lot of movies, and I have a beard.

Alex Wells: I’m a senior in SIS majoring in International Relations and minoring in public communication. I just finished applying to graduate programs for communications (got into AU’s MA!). I’m now waiting to hear back from NYU & USC… I’m originally from Santa Cruz, CA, but enjoy having four distinct seasons while living in Washington, DC. I love to travel anytime I can, to anywhere in the world. When I graduate this May, my exciting plans include a friend and I going on a month-long domestic road trip!

Emma Wojtowicz: I am a senior majoring in print journalism and minoring in international studies. I am originally from metro Detroit, Mich. My family owns a Polish meat market, and we make the best homemade kielbasa. My favorite activities are cooking, reading and traveling. I am excited for this class because writing reviews is not included in other journalism classes, and I think it is an important skill. Also, I look forward to going to different events and venues in the city. Since I love to read, I am interested in writing book reviews.

Lauren Orsini: I’m a graduate student getting my masters in print journalism. I’m also the web developer for this site. I’m from Herndon, Va., and did my undergraduate work at the University of Mary Washington. I love to cook and walk my red poodle, Maggie.

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